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Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears, 5-Pound Bag
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Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears, 5-Pound Bag

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Haribo Gummy Gold Bears Candy is soft, chewy and translucent. And they are bursting with beary yummy flavor. There is nothing quite as whimsically delicious as gummy bears, a candy popular the world over for its sprightly personality and fruity taste. Squeeze them, line them up and make them dance, or just plain eat them. Haribo Gold-Bears are a mixed delight of white/pineapple, green/strawberry, yellow/lemon, orange/orange, and red/raspberry gummy bears.


One 5-pound bag containing approximately 985 pieces

Naturally flavored with balanced sweetness

Mouth watering, colorful candy

Flavors are pineapple (white), strawberry (green), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), and raspberry (red)

Product Details:
Product Weight: 5.0 pounds
Package Length: 10.8 inches
Package Width: 7.9 inches
Package Height: 2.3 inches
Package Weight: 4.8 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1013 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 1013 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

185 of 221 found the following review helpful:

5These truly are the best gummi bears in the world!Sep 01, 2006
By Mr. Miles Chen
The first time I encountered Haribo Gummi Bears was when I went to Germany for a semester overseas. I won a bag of these as a classroom prize.

At first, I thought these were going to be ordinary gummy bears, but, boy was I wrong. These candies truly are a step above all other gummy bears. In Germany, this is THE brand of gummy bears. Competitors' bags are sold at much lower prices, but few people buy them - and that's because the difference in quality and taste is noticeable. The other people's reviews regarding sweetness and softness are accurate. Haribo has found the perfect combination.

During the rest of my stay in Germany, I became a huge consumer of Haribo candies. Haribo sells other gummy candies, but their "Gold Bears" are the best.

When I returned to beautiful America, I was disappointed to find that Haribo is not so easy to acquire. They are sold online at other stores at decent prices but after shipping, the cost was quite steep.

I am truly excited to see these bears offered on Amazon with free super-saver shipping.

If you have never had Haribo Gummi Bears, you really need to try some. A 5-pound bag seems like a large quantity, but I promise, you will not be disappointed.


Edit: Nov 2, 2008 - When I wrote this review two years ago, Haribo was still quite difficult to find at grocery stores. It seems today that I can find them just about anywhere. In this case, Amazon still provides a really great deal on 5 lb bags. If you don't want 5 lbs, you can shop at a local grocery store.
But I must recommend this: if you will not eat all of the gummy bears right away, transfer them to an air tight container. If you leave the gummy bears exposed to the air, they will get very stiff after a while.

566 of 705 found the following review helpful:

1Could be used to torture information from terrorists.Jan 25, 2014
By Emily Heseltine "Vanderen"
It was my first deployment and I had been missing a lot of stuff from the states. I could get gummi bears at the PX here but not sugar free, and with the army weight regulations I try to keep my snacking healthy. Thus, when I saw a 5 lb bag of sugar free gummies I couldn't help but putting the order in. The gummies shipped in a varily fast manner and I was relieved to notice that non of the gummies appeared to have melted or been damaged in anyway. When I got the bag I was somewhat shocked, seeing for the first time how much 5 lbs of gummie bears actually is. I knew there would be no way for me to consume them all alone. Luckily, we had a range later that week. I stashed the gummies in my wall locker until the range.
On the day of the range, we all sat under some camo nets we had put up to protect us from the sun as we waited our turn too qualify. During this time, I broke out the gummies. Everyone was stoked. We all sat around chatting as we ate delicious soft squishy gummies washed down with Rawdatain water. So far, the range had been going smoothly. Soon it was my turn to fire. I was given range 3 and I immediately got into prone as this range starts off from the prone supported position. I adjusted my sand bags and that's when I realized something wasn't right.
It start with just a gurgle and then a grimacing pain. I could hear the range control over the loud speaker "Firers Prepare to fire-Lock and Load your weapons" GURGLE- the noise was terrible the pain was horrifric. I tried to focus on the target by my vision started to blur and sweat poured into my shooting eye. All the while, "Firers place your selector switch from safe to semi". I could not longer feel my hands they had gone numb. I realized at that moment I had to go and I me GO. An then, "Firers, at this time you may fire your weapons". I didn't move my switch from saftey; even if my hands weren't numb, I wouldn't have trusted myself with a loaded weapon. Now, I had another problem. The range was hot! I heard firing around all around me. I weakly fumbled with my weapon and placed it in a safe position. The range safety came up to me. "Soldier, is there something wrong". The look I gave must have gave said it all. The safety waved his paddle and the call was made. "Seize fire! Seize fire! Seize FIRE!" I was up and looking for relief. Perhaps the other Soldiers stopped firing, buy my colon had just begun. I made rush to the porta johns to find they were all filled up. Of course, I had shared those gummies with at least 10 other troops. The noises coming out of those porta pots will cause PTSD for many years to come. I thought for a second about finding a place out of sight. However, it was futile, I was in the desert you could see for miles all around. Then I remember the nationals had a porta pot and likely no one else knew it was there. It was under the range control tower surrounded by a small fence.
I rushed, as quickly as possible in my condition, clenching my cheeks and praying to every god I had ever heard of. I made it and found it was unoccupied. I opened the door to find, in my dismay, an Eastern Toilet. I began to take all my gear off in a hurry. Whilst, small amounts of air slipped past my cheeks with a liquid like feel. "Oh gods!" I thought. I clenched tighter ripping my boots off I could tell I would need all my clothing off as this was likely to cause to cause an immense back splash.Finally, disrobed, I allowed the was a clumpy tidal wave of destruction. The smell was nothing of this world. I tried not to vomit as my anus took on a will of it own expeling this sickness from my system. After, I looked down in horrior at the Eastern Toilet realizing there was no way that this was going to drain properly. I accepted defeat at my attempt to clean up the terrible smelly gummie soil and washed myself up with some baby wipes I so mercifully had in my ACU pocket. I put my clothes on and stumbled out of the toilet. As I walked, one of the natives walked by me. I tried to warn him, but he didn't understand. I only heard him cry out "Allah" as he slammed the door walking away from the porta pot looking at me with fear. The eyes telling it all. He couldn't understand how that could have come out of a human being without killing them.
In the end, 10 troops were given saline solution for dehydration from the terrible gummies. Our unit swore a vow of secrecy to never speak of this experience again with one another because of the back flashes that some still have.
Thanks Haribo !

8 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5I have seen the face of God.Oct 22, 2014
By Douglas Pope
I didn't feel the need to plan my weekend around 5 small gummybears. But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
It began with a noticeable change in the viscosity of my saliva. Within minutes of consumption, my mouth had filled with a thick foamy slime. Though I was in a cool climate controlled room a salty sweat broke out, and I felt my heartbeat quicken as my body threw itself into fight or flight.
The animal noises broadcasting from my pelvis were an ominous warning of the violent acts that were to follow. I shouldered my way into the bathroom, clawing at my belt, moaning with pain. The smell came first. It started sweet, almost tangy. That was quickly overpowered by a cloying chemical perfume.
The first volley of feces hit the water like soda cans and nickles. The resulting splash drenching my bottom in foul brackish water, but this was quickly becoming the least of my worries.
After another moment, the noises in my core hit a fever pitch and I was struck rigid with pain. The sweat was now running into my eyes, but the room had turned ice cold and my hands began to spasm.
I felt an insidious burning flooding my escape hatch. I gasped. Hot yellow poison began spraying from my rear, changing in pitch and echo as the stream of diarrhea whipped around the toilet bowl, creating a nightmarish Doppler effect that can only be appreciated in hindsight.
My legs fell asleep sitting on the toilet. I couldn't have stood up if I wanted to.
Wiping was a no-go. Toilet paper simply became a vile paper mache'. My hands were quickly soiled. A full blown shower was needed, and all of my towels had to be burned.
So happy with my purchase, would recommend to friends and definitely buying again!

301 of 422 found the following review helpful:

5Hurts so good!Oct 15, 2013
By I like chewy things
I am truly at a loss for words on where to begin. On a whim about a month and a half ago, I purchased my first 5 lb bag of Haribo Gummi Bears. It arrived in 2 days and was packaged quite nicely. When I opened the box and saw the size of the bag I thought "Hmmm. That's a lot of gummi". I set it in my kitchen and forgot about them the first night.

When I woke up the next morning and was getting ready to leave for work, I decided I would open them and take a handful with me out the door. 7:30am is kind of an odd time to enjoy gummis I know, but they were there and I figured what the heck.

That moment single-handedly changed my life. I can't decide if it was for the better or for the worse. As soon as I popped a couple gummis into my mouth, it was like I transcended from my body and was looking down at myself. It was literally a flavor explosion and I was at ground zero!

I ended up not going to work that day in order to finish off the entire bag. Did I get sick? You bet. Three times. I found myself vomiting from the sheer amount of sweetness and the expansion of my stomach. As soon as I finished vomiting I went back to the bag for more!

Since that day I have purchased an additional 77 5 lb bags of Haribo Gummi bears. I find myself separating them by color so I can decide what flavor to get sick on next. I have managed to get back to work, albeit totally distracted. All I find myself doing is sitting in my office, dreaming about getting home and getting sick of Haribo Gummis. This is the closest thing to heaven I have ever experienced.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Now I'm a HeroOct 30, 2014
By David Jewell
We all know what happens when we take in our little underpaid colon plumbers. But there are always ways to make adversaries into allies and I’ve been experimenting with some viable alternative uses.
1. Sugar Free Fracking: Mash a pre-approved amount of these cubs together and shoot them down an oil well at high pressure to coerce some sweet crude back to the surface. Any gasses will, of course, come to the surface first, but the oil that’s produced will be chemical free, so very little processing is needed. Better for the environment and cheaper process = win/win.
2. No Business Bears: When a company is struggling immensely and things are looking bleak, we can suit and tie these money smart mini grizzlies and usher them in through every door and window of said company’s corporate headquarters. This will result in an expedient “liquidation of assets.”
3. Stool Softener: I can’t count how many times I’ve learned of an important family function too late. Nobody called me and I’m too busy making the world a better place to check my social media, so when I get there all the chairs are taken. Great, now I have to sit on a punk-ass stool. I don’t even release the devil bears from captivity, all I need to do is throw that bag on top and I have a world class cushion.
4. Sweet Stealth: (Warning, clear bears only) Of course you can always melt em down into a gel and sneak it into the food of your enemies. They will eventually start to poop uncontrollably.
That’s it for now. Let the world know if you come up with any more noble prize-worthy solutions.

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