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Organic Valley Organic Whole Milk, 33.8 Ounce Asceptic Carton (Pack of 12)
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Organic Valley Organic Whole Milk, 33.8 Ounce Asceptic Carton (Pack of 12)



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Ultra-pasteurization and revolutionary aseptic packaging give this delicious and nutritious convenient beverage its incomparable versatility and freshness. Because they don’t require refrigeration, shelf-stable chocolate 2% milk liters strike the optimal balance between health and nutrition, and convenience in a busy life. Take them camping, or keep one in your pantry for a handy emergency supply.


Case of twelve, 33.8- ounce carton (total of 405.6 ounces)

Made with 100% organic Grade A Milk, 4 servings per container, convenient shelf stable

Convenient, portable, shelf stable, organic grade a whole milk

Product Details:
Product Weight: 30.0 pounds
Package Length: 15.8 inches
Package Width: 7.94 inches
Package Height: 7.19 inches
Package Weight: 29.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 56 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 56 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

31 of 32 found the following review helpful:

3For the most part happy with the milk but...Feb 13, 2011
By Deborah Patrick
I wish they would have noted the expiration date, it is not even 60 days from the date of delivery.

22 of 22 found the following review helpful:

5A staple in our houseApr 17, 2009
By GadgetChick
I was thrilled when Amazon started carrying these aseptic milk cartons; they are great to keep around the house. Normally I buy either 2 percent milk or skim, but occasionally we will run out of milk and my toddler always wants milk first thing in the morning - we just pull one of these out of the fridge and no problem. Also great to keep around for those recipes that call for whole milk, when you don't want to buy a whole gallon. We've also used these to take with us on trips for cereal, coffee, drinks, etc. and it's great because you don't have to refrigerate the carton until you open it. We've saved a lot of money on restaurant breakfasts on vacation by taking milk and cereal with us, using the hotel fridge to keep the milk cold, and eating breakfast in the room every morning. Great for general household use, travel, cooking, or whatever you can think up!

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

5Very convenientDec 02, 2008
By Peggy "pab920"
Organic Valley's products usually cost a little more than Stoneyfield or New Horizon at the local organic grocery store. The price point on this item is very good particularly since it includes free shipping. The half & half tastes the same as the refrigerated counterpart yet has the storage convenience since in the area I live in we typically have power outages during winter ice storms and hurricane season. This is also one company I would trust to uphold the organic principles and is one of the few who turned down Wal-Mart. None of the boxes were damaged during shipping and I received this item very quickly.

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5Great alternative to grocery store milkJun 24, 2009
By Lexi
Excellent product, and SO convenient for when you don't have a chance to buy fresh milk at the store. We also take these on our boat, and they'd be perfect for camping, RV'ing, etc. since they don't need refrigeration until you open them.

Only problem I had was with shipping, where the boxes leaked. They ended up at the post office and I had to pick them up (they were worried the leakage was toxic!). Amazon promptly refunded my money, though. Last time, they were better boxed. I would NOT recommend ordering these with books. I did, and everything got soaked.

11 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5The Way to Go for MilkApr 02, 2009
By SantaSandi
I started ordering this Half and Half when the whole milk was temporarily out of stock and found that this is a much better choice for us. It tastes GREAT as it is obviously creamier than whole milk. It makes everything you have with it seem so great!

I remember once on vacation having my morning cereal from Room Service delivered with Cream instead of regular milk. It was awesome!! Also this Half and Half makes soups fantastic when added instead of water or regular milk.

Now if you are worried about all the "fat" from this product as compared to regular milk or 1% milk, then I suggest you get yourself better informed about the current health issues surrounding this whole area of good and bad fats, and the role natural fats play in enhancing one's health.

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