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Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Pads (4 per pack, 10 packs = 40 pads)
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Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Pads (4 per pack, 10 packs = 40 pads)

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Breeze cat pads are easy to maintain and odor free. The specially-designed Breeze litter pellets allow urine to pass through to the Breeze cat pad underneath, while leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal.


Clean & Disposable Cat Urine Pads

Absorb & Control Urine Odors for up to one week

Bulk Case pack includes 40 total pads

Product Details:
Package Length: 13.1 inches
Package Width: 12.5 inches
Package Height: 6.3 inches
Package Weight: 6.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 340 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 340 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

45 of 45 found the following review helpful:

5Easy to use & no odorsOct 20, 2008
By SongbirdK "Karen"
I have tried many different litter products for my Siamese Princess. From traditional littler boxes to automated ones. They all left the roomwith a litter box odor even the automated ones which scoop and hold in a closed container. None of the products out there did not create an odor. BUT NOW I tried the new Tidy Cat Breeze Litter pads and litter. To my surprise there is no odor. I can go for a whole week and change the pad once in seven days and there is no odor at all. Even my husband who has a very sensitive nose can not smell anything. Your product is the first to live up to the claims. Thanks for making such a good product. PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35 of 35 found the following review helpful:

4Cheaper and/or Emergency substitutions for pads and pelletsJun 13, 2012
By katyroadpink
I've been using five of the Breeze boxes for a couple years now. It's an expensive system and the cats don't like it as well as litter but it is convenient and simple to use. Plus, it's great for people who have problems lifting heavy cat litter.

Over a year ago, Amazon had the pellets on back order. I looked around for a substitute and decided on dry pinto beans. They work at least as well as the pellets and they're a lot cheaper and easier to find locally (plus, no sales tax on food items here!). I pick them up at the grocery store when I do my regular shopping. I think the cats like them a little better because they are rounded. I like that they're cheaper, biodegradable and a renewable resource (the pellets are mined). I use beans exclusively now. I think they do a better job with odor control, too. They don't get soft when used and they haven't attracted any bugs.

I am hooked on the pads, but in the litter boxes that are used infrequently, the pads start to smell bad before they are used up. I found that I can use the blue (shop) paper towels in those boxes instead and change them out more frequently. The paper towels are a perfect fit. I also use the shop towels under the regular pads because those pads are a little too short now. For insurance in a heavily used box, put a couple of paper towels on top of the pads as well.

The plastic litter boxes are holding up very well. When I wash them, I try to leave them in the sun for a day before bringing them back in and that seems to help them stay fresh.

Overall, the Breeze is a worthwhile system. The biggest drawback is the box odor, but for me the convenience and ease of use in a multi-cat household makes up for it.

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5AWESOMEOct 26, 2008
By hoobahoo "hoobahoo"
You have to try this. After buying two electronic machines that broke, this is the best thing I can say I have ever invested in... Seriously! There is no smell and I am so excited to not have to use the dusty litter. Never again! My husband and I got the unit as a deal of the day and then spent about 80 for what we consider a year supply of pads and litter. We actually did not even replace the "litter" (plastic pellets) for over a month. It stays so clean. Our cat is finnicky too - where she only likes to go in certain spots with certain litters. We bought this and added a few pellets to her existing litter at the time as recommended and she picked up on it right away... I think she prefers it because nothing gets stuck to her feet and she's not "going" on top of other spots. I will recommend this product to everyone that has a cat. This truly is a wonderful product!

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5Fantastic system - I recommend it to friends all the timeAug 16, 2011
By Martine Rossignol-Winner "martine2u"
This system is vastly superior to anything else I've ever tried (and I've tried many litter boxes and kitty litter types in 16 years of having 4 cats, and now 2.) It simply doesn't compare.

The system is extremely easy to use and much less messy/time consuming compared with clumping litter.

Main advantages:

- No dust or tracking: my oldest four-legged fellow (16 years old) has airborne allergies, and I truly wish this system had been available when he was younger, as I'm convinced that the overwhelming dust from clumping cat litter has worsened (if not created) his allergy problems in the first place. As it is, there is NO SMELL of cat litter (yes, the untold truth about regular or clumping litter is that is has a smell of its own to start with.) No dust on furniture either (a very high plus when you live in a condo). No tracking (except for the occasional pellet that escapes if Kitty is being a little too vigorous about "burying" his/her little contribution.) They're easy to spot and toss back into the litter box.

- Little or no smell: the smell of urine, so overpowering with reg/clumping cat litter (even if you maintain it daily) is simply not there. People who come to my place don't know there are two cats there (they go hide) unless they see the Breeze system in my two bathrooms. The only time you smell anything is if you are around when Kitty does a #2. Then it smells the same way it would for a human. You just dispose of it right away and the smell dissapates within 5 minutes at most. If you're not around, the #2 just "dries" out and you won't know it's there until you go check. No clumpling or regular cat litter can beat that. Period.

- Cost: it may look costly at first, but if you do your home work, you will realize that it's about the same as reg/clumping cat litter, possibly even cheaper if you hunt for good deals, and you get to use a much cleaner, simpler, remarkably less stinky/messy system. Not to promote Amazon, but their deal where you get the pads in bulk as a recurrent delivery is the best I have found so far. I get 10 packs of 4 pads delivered automatically (right at my home: no going to the store=time saved; a great solution also for people who don't have easy access to a store that sells this product) every three months. With two litter boxes, that comes to about $9/month, which is the price I used to pay for 1 box of the clumping stuff (if I got it on sale.) The pellets are about $6/month. So with $15/month, I get a much superior system, with no need for deodorizers, daily cleanings and assorted things to try and keep the smell down.

- Maintenance: so easy you might forget to do it! It happened to me the first week, which resulted in an over-saturated pad (I would advise putting a couple of "puppy training pads" underneath the litter box; in case of accidents, it makes clean up very easy.) I haven't forgotten to check since :-D I check the pads after about 4 days of use (in case my kitties decided to use one litter box more than the other, which happens regularly.) Checking consists of opening the little drawer, looking and closing. So that's about... oh... 3 seconds! Replacing the pad takes about 1 minute. Changing the pellets (which I do once a month) takes a little longer because I use Nature's Miracle to spray on the top part, the drawer and the scoop, just to keep things fresh-smelling (plastic does absord the smell of urine otherwise, even with the pad.) So that's probably about a 10-minute operation. So put together, that's about 15mns/month. I defy anyone with reg/clumping to come even close (never mind the dust, smell and generally rather disgusting maintenance that kind of litter entails.) Like I said: IT SIMPLY DOES NOT COMPARE.


Well, I have yet to find any (I've been using the system for 6 months) other than the smell of #2s if you're around when that happens, and that's easily delt with. I've read one thing that makes sense as a problem: it's if your kitty has diarrhea. Then yes, you might have to revert to reg/clumping cat litter.

Adaptation to the new system:

When I moved into my new place in Feb 2011, I decided to go cold turkey, put only the Tidy Cats system in place and see how my 16-year-old kitty would react. He got it immediately. But he tends to be a pretty flexible/easy-going kitty. So the real test was with my more moody 10-year-old, who came in a few days later. She also got it right away. We haven't looked back since. She likes to "bury" her stuff, so I put more pellets than recommended. Other than that, it was a seamless transition. I would recommend removing the clumping cat litter entirely. In my previous home, I had both systems side by side, and the Tidy Cats system was hardly ever used. Once it was the only option, and even though my kitties had basically only used clumping litter their entire lives, they had no trouble "getting it". It may be a little more challenging for others. But it comes down to this: as a rule, cats like to dispose of their waste in a tidy manner. Give them a system that allows that, and they'll use it. Just watch for "personal" preferences and adapt a little as needed (the way I ended up doing by adding more pellets.)

Other than that, all I can say is: this is an excellent, very reasonable in cost, very effective system. Kudos to Tidy Cats for coming up, at LONG LAST, with a system that truly works.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

2Easy & fast to clean, but doesn't control fecal odorSep 11, 2011
By A. Myers
I've given this system a couple of months now and think I'm going to have to go back to the non-clay clumping litter I was using before. My six cats refused to defecate in the Breeze until I took away the clumping litter, and I suspect that it's because it's more difficult for them to bury their feces in the shallow layer of hard pellets. Now that they have been using it for a while, I'm noticing that most of the fecal deposits are left to sit uncovered on top of the pellets, and there's a noticeable smell when I walk into the house after having been at work all day. I'm having to scoop twice a day instead of once and still can't keep ahead of the odor, which was never a problem before. (And no, I haven't changed the cats' food, nor are they having diarrhea or other health problems, and yes, I shelled out for multiple Breeze boxes -- in fact, I have more of them than I used to for the clumping litter.)

That being said, the pellets are much less trackable (although I have found a couple elsewhere in the house) and produce little to no dust. Changing the urine pads and scooping the feces are both super-easy and quicker than scooping clumping litter.

My only other qualm with the system is that it uses a lot of plastic (in the lining of the pads) and mined mineral material, compared with the biodegradable wheat-based litter to which I'm about to return.

I would guess that if you only have one or two cats, particularly if you are home to scoop out feces shortly after it's deposited, AND if you aren't bothered by the materials used, this could be an easy and convenient solution. I have a couple of friends who rave about it. I just don't think it's working as well for us as the clumping litter. For me, in terms of keeping my house reasonably presentable, it's more feasible to sweep or vacuum up some tracked litter than to try to eliminate the pervasive fecal smell.

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